This is the part of every photographer's site where you hear about how a father gave them his brownie camera and it made such and impression that they became a photographer. Or how someone walked 10 miles in the snow (both ways) so that they could attend a prestigious art school - and went on to become a globe trotting, scarf wearing, photographer.

Those might be true stories for some, but not for me.

Truth is I attended Boise State University where I happened to take a black and white photography course. I loved it! No, it wasn't an epiphany; golden light didn't beam down from the heavens when I was in that class. Though I did begin to enjoy the smell of fixer in the morning.

After graduation I spent way too long working for newspapers and magazines. Not that it was all a waste of time. Working for newspapers was a great experience. I learned how to shoot everything and anything. From scenics of Idaho to professional cycling, and everything in between. If I wasn't any good, they would find someone who was. So I got really good at taking pictures.

My stock photography is represented by Age Fotostock and Aurora Photos.

Today I still live in Idaho, now with my wife, son, and one Jack Russell Terrier, aptly named B!

Have a look through the site, and let me know what you think.